Who is Hikaru?

Hikaru is a character I created when I fell into lust with Seijuro Hiko of the anime Rurouni Kenshin. When I tried to conjure up a lady to match with Hiko, Hikaru popped into my mind all at once, almost complete. I had to hammer out a few details, but she is essentially what she was when she was "born" in my mind.

She might have remained right there, in my mind, except that I had the encouragement of my friends and fellow RK fans, Zora and Sherrié. They asked for a description, then a scene, bless them for the kind women they are, and the next thing I knew, I was writing away!

The picture you see of Hikaru above is the artwork of the very talented Zora. To see more of her work, go to her site, Scar-Crossed Wanderer, where she not only has some wonderful fan art posted, but also screen caps and scans. It's a wonderful place for any RK fan to, um, wander.

Many of these stories contain characters created by Zora and Sherrié. We each started our own stories, but somehow, as we talked about them, they all began to fit together and get tangled up. Now all of these are part of a bigger collaboration (complete with elaborate timeline!) that, some day, we will put all in one spot, in sequence. Until that time, you can read about Zora's characters and stories at Before Snow. Sherrié's are no longer online, but perhaps they'll return some day.

Hikaru's description and history, and the history of her (very long) relationship with Hiko Seijuro.




Who is Seijuro Hiko?

Other than the beloved of Hikaru? Oh, yes, he is a lot more than that. Hiko is Kenshin Himura's Master, the 13th Master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. He's 43 years old, huge, beautiful, wise, and an invincible warrior. OK, he's also arrogant, rude, and mean to Kenshin, I admit it. But I still adore him. I mean, Hikaru does.

To learn more about him (other than what I've posted here in my little stories), you can check out Hiko's page on my site. There are links on the page that will take you to some terrific sites about the magnificent Seijuro Hiko.


My stories about Hikaru, Hiko, and Kenshin

This is a story of Hikaru's childhood, and tells about how her mother saw to it that Hikaru ended up in the okiya.

This is an "origin" story for Hiko. I started to speculate on what Hiko might have been like, growing up. I mean, what kind of background would a man come from who was so humanistic and compassionate, yet also arrogant and seemingly cold-hearted? This is what I came up with. Warning... it's not pretty.

This picks up about two years after "Beginning", and is a story about how Hiko met his Master.

This is an account of how Hikaru and Hiko met and fell in love.

Teahouse, Part 1
Teahouse, Part 2
Teahouse, Part 3

This tells about how Hiko returns to Tokyo, to find Hikaru, after becoming Seijuro Hiko the 13th. He finds her, but not exactly as he expected.

Summer House
This is the immediate sequel to Return, and is a bit of a romantic story about their first night together.

Hiko learns an important lesson about himself and the Hiten Mitsurugi.

This story is about how Hiko lost Hikaru for over a year (he thought forever) and found her again, almost under his very nose.

The story of how Hikaru and Kenshin first met.

Hikaru gets her fondest wish ~ she gets to "babysit" Kenshin for a short holiday while Hiko is away.

This is a longer story that tells about one of the two real arguments that Hiko and Hikaru ever had, over Kenshin leaving him to join the Ishin group.

Because the revolution is beginning and there's so much violence in Kyoto, Hiko gets worried about Hikaru and actually comes down off his mountain to see if she's all right - and to get forgiven.

This two-part story deals with the time Hikaru and her husband, and their dependents, are hiding from the Revolution at a farm, while Kenshin becomes the Hitokiri Battousai.

Toshiro, Part 1
Toshiro, Part 2

This story tells how Hiko and Hikaru finally get to be together, this time forever.

This story, partly co-authored by Zora, is set during the Kyoto Arc. After many years of believing Kenshin to be dead, Hikaru is reunited with him - at a time when Kenshin's life is seriously at risk.

Reunion, Part 1 ~ With great trepidation, Kenshin visits Hikaru for the first time in 10 years.
Reunion, Part 2 ~ Kenshin goes to Hiko, and Hikaru and Yuki get to know each other better
Reunion, Part 3 ~ Shishio's Owls are routed, and Aoshi returns in a bloody manner
Reunion, Part 4~ Yuki confronts Hiko just after Kenshin has left as a Hiten Mitsurugi master
Reunion, Part 5 ~ Hikaru reacts to the fact that the Amakakaru Ryu no Hirameki could have killed either Kenshin or Hiko
Reunion, Part 6 ~ The battle at the Aoiya, as seen from Hikaru's point of view
Reunion, Part 7 ~ Hikaru and Kenshin make peace with each other and begin a new relationship with each other

No Child
This is a little peek into Hikaru's and Hiko's life together as man and wife, at the point when Hikaru at last accepts that she will never have a child of her own.

This is just a fun little story of an interesting conversation between Hiko and Yuki - interesting because they don't argue. Much.

This is just what it sounds like, the end of the relationship between Hiko and Hikaru, which ends as it should, only with their deaths.

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