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Grab your crayons or markers or Photoshop other favorite coloring utensils, print out or save some of these pages, and have some fun! All of them are set to 8.5 x 11'', with the pictures centered on them, so they're all ready to go. Have a blast and get into the Halloween spirit, or just in touch with your inner child!

If you'd like to show me your coloring job, feel free, because I would love to see them! Send email to

Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pages:

Sally with a bowl of soup

Lock, Shock, and Barrel in their walking bathtub

Santy Claws

Zero with a candy cane

The Jack-in-the-box Cat

Sally in a pretty frame

Halloween Coloring Pages: (some are collected from other sites)

A haunted house

A skeleton and owl

A pumpkin wearing a witch hat

Coloring Pages On Other Sites: coloring pages