Yuki and Kenshin circa 1870. Inspired by 'Moulin Rouge' and my own hopeless romanticism. A portrait piece of my original Ruroken character - Yukiyo Sasaki. My favorite piece. Lyrics are from The Goo Goo Dolls' 'Name'. Tribute to a chapter break in the Revenge Arc manga. The kanji says Innocence... I hope. The kind of post card I'd like to see for my island! This piece was one of the winners in Media Blasters fanart contest. It can be seen on Ruroken #4: False Prophet. Kenshin and Anime Me. Wai! You know, sometimes hairy, hulking creatures aren't all that scary. From the kinky depths of my sister's mind. A b-day present for my friend, Sherrie. *hides from Wolfie*. This Chinese saying always reminded me of Kenshin and Enishi, so I serious parodied the movie poster. Eh, an early piece and not one of my favs. But, everyone else likes it, so here it be. Was this wrong? *innocent look*
When classes get boring, chibis start popping up! Is this a little joke, Ugly?! And I will call him... Mini-Me.

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