Sanosuke Sagara
This reminds me of the Bastard!! case. Look at that face! What do you mean 'child support?!' Sano's been taking notes from Kenshin! 'Damn, I'm good!'

Hajime Saitoh
I'm afraid of the big bad wolf! X-O Hello, Satan. I'm the slickest there is. I'm the quickest there is. Did I say I'm the slickest there is? It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won't you be my neighbor?

Seijuro Hiko
Degeneration, Hiten Mitsurugi style. A footie sweatdrop! Riiighht. I bet it's really water he's chugging all the time. He just wants to look like a badass. };-D Alarmingly Huge.

Misao Makimachi
Watch out, they bite! Someone needs to tell her that if she really dressed like this in the West, people would think she was a tacky ho.

Kaoru Kamiya
Anyone else really curious about what this secret talent of her's IS? She really does look like a raccoon! Hey sister, go sister, soul sister! Er, I done now. Heheh. I love anime expressions. You go, girl! Kaoru must shop at the Bargin Box to find kimono that be *that* ugly.

Yahiko Myojin
I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts! Hey! I'm *not* a baby, ugly! Okay, his relationship with Yutaro is just a little too much gay.

Megumi Takani
How about NO, Megumi. Can we say split ends?

Soujiro Seta

Aoshi Shinomori

Miscellaneous Folks
He's the margarine of bishie, the diet coke of bishie, not quite bishie enough. Now he's almost bishie enough! She is *so* cute. Yahiko will have to do something about her irritating voice tho. The best addition to the anime version! They show off the very best side of Kenshin IMNSHO. This guy looks like he hopped out of the Brady Bunch... This filler chick got her own image song... and I stole it for Yuki. ;-D Okay, WTF is with the nature scenes on this show?! You're NINE, kid! Mr. Nazi just wants to score. Another sideshow freak villian. -_-; Gen-POO? Okay, even the VAs were giggling over this one. Not a bad minor character in the end tho.

The Children of God
He's such a poser. Is it just me, or are all HM masters required to be dead sexy? Man, she's like, writing with the *whole* bird. -_-; I really liked her in the end. Not a bitch after all! Man, I gave Sayo this flower trying to score. She told me it was 'pure'. I'm *never* gonna score! Another unspeakably cute kid with issues! Mmm. Small and cranky. I captured this and the next one for drawing reference on kids and figured I'd go ahead and stick them up here.

The Juppongatana
If he was straight, he'd be bish. Love and peace!

The Oniwaban Group
Sweaty random bishieness. Yum.

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