Freud would have a field day with this picture. Kenshin is just a magnet for weirdos, isn't he? My sword is bigger than your sword. You best get up out of my face before something *bad* happens to you. Never get in an arguement with a 13 year old. Miss Megumi, get off my back! Passed out drunk again. Proof that 1/3 was originally the opening for the lost Revenge Arc. Look at what we missed. :P Amy will kill her if she tries anything. And *I'll* kill *her* is she tries anything. 'The Kenshingumi think and act as one!' Riigghtt. Kaoru looks like Elmyra from 'Tiny Toons'. Waiiitt... This looks so cool. And Kaoru so had it coming. You know that your suggestion to be yet another mooch at the dojo is not a popular one when you get this reaction. I love you, man. It looks like Sano put his red bandana in the wash with his white clothes. 'What a *drip*.' Lay off the cookies, Miss Kaoru. I was right, Miss Kaoru, you *are* a fatty! He should knock the gayness out of them. They're my posse. Yahiko and Sano in the BG are honto ni kawaii!

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