What does Kaoru think he is?! Tamahome? Kenshin's reaction to the idea of marrying Kaoru. X-D 'Splendor in the Grass.' There's something really nice about this image... My God, Kaoru's singing. The 'deer in the headlights' look. One of those images that makes you want to kiss the screen. See how much better Kenshin would have looked if 'Remembrences' had been animated in this style?! Soo Kawaii!! I wish this was a *cough* longer shot. Much longer. X-D Kenshin is one bad mofo! He's gonna crack open a barrel of whupass! I didn't name the picture this, but I sure do agree! *g* I see you over there being evil. *GLOMP* I've heard of fighting battles with yourself, but this is ridiculous. Cool shit, though. X-D. Beautiful picture. He looks like he's on Hilton Head! Wai! Rock on, Kenshin.

This is a bit of silliness I put together from captures of the final episode and sixty something. My personal take on the whole K&K thing judging by Kenshin's complete lack of enthusiasm/caring. And just plain down right dislike. Twitchiness does not a couple make. *g*

Muwhahahaha! Ahem.

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