Right now I only have links to the pages that I know have put up images from this gallery, are linked here, and the excellent gallery I got a few of the promotional scans from. If you use any images here on your page, just let me know and I'll link you. Provided the page is in good taste, of course. ;-) Scar-Crossed Wanderer is link free, but if you do want to link back here, there are a few banners and bars at the bottom for that purpose. Arigatou!

Kat's Animated Lust Page
This is a huge page maintained by my very good friend, Kat. Despite the title, it's actually more of a database that includes info on characters from just about any animated thing you can think of and much more! Check it out! Also, a big thanks to Kat herself for helping me with the html for this page.

Sher's Eyes of a Wolf
Remember Sherrie who got Chippendale Saitoh for her birthday? This is her page dedicated to the old Wolf.

This is my friend Meeks' Art Gallery Website! She's a big Ruroken fan as well and her work is lovely. Check it out!

I know Anime Nation doesn't probably *need* any introduction, but they added SCW to their link section, so I link back to them! Too bad they didn't have *any* Ruroken banners, but Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my shameless pleasures, so she was a good consolation banner.

MangAnime is an image gallery with images from many different animes, including Kenshin. Go take a look!

Before Snow - My website dedicated to my Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction character, Yukiyo Sasaki.

Destiny's Embrace - A wonderful image gallery that I borrowed some of the promotional art from.

Walking on Sunshine - This is a really cute little homepage dedicated to Yahiko and Tsubame - the only Ruroken couple I actually support. ;-D

Kenshin and Kaoru Fanfiction


Every Step You Take

The above pages are sites maintained by ladies who have used my fanart to decorate their pages with. Thanks, girls! :-)

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