Dammit, he is sexy. *Austin Powers Moment* Coolest picture ever. Sano looks SO good on this PB. *puurrr* My favorite Kenshin image. This looks like Meeks and me. I wanna be a member of the Kenshingumi. Anyone have the Kenshin image for this set? E-mail me! From the RPG game! Much better than that Kenji brat, ne? Ooo... purty. Mmm.. verra nice shot of Kenshin! *pets* Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon indeed... A closeup of the previous pic for expressions. Just imagine the chibis bouncing in yelling, Welcome to Ruroken Island! Can anyone out there read any of this or the above? Let me know! We knew he'd grow up to be a l'il hottie. };-D If anyone can translate this, please e-mail me! And, who else wants to see this animated?! X-D Again, if anyone can read any of this, let me know! It looks to me like he's trying to tune in MTV with his hair something... I'd love to see Sano's Family animated. Along with the rest of 'Revenge'.

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