This is an image gallery I've put together as a place to store all the screen captures I've grabbed from my Rurouni Kenshin DVDs, pictures I've scanned, and my own Ruroken fanart. Feel free to use any of the offical images you wish on your own webpage, harem, or whatever. I just captured and scanned them because I'm an obsessive fangirl. As for the fanart, please do not take any of it without asking my permission. Thank you and Enjoy!

Last Updated: 12/04/02

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Unfortunately, Kenshin does not belong to me, as much as I like to pretend that he does. The Kenshingumi are 1996-2002 Nobuhiro Watsuki, Jump Manga, and Studio Gallop. The captures and scans are mine, but, as I already stated, feel free to use them. This site is link free, but I would love a link back here. :-) Thank you!