December 4th, 2002

This isn't a real update, I just wanted to announce that since SCW rolled over 10,000 hits (Wai!), I've gone ahead an added a guestbook so that I can hear from all of you! I am still planning to get good captures from the early discs, but college eats away at my time. Blah. Well, 'tis almost the Holiday Break!

October 7th, 2002

It's the end of an era in our characters' lives and the end of what is possibly the greatest anime series of all time. Despite my Kaoru issues, I am very glad that this is one of the very few series that leaves you knowing that the characters are going to live happily ever after until the end of their days. Kenshin most certainly deserves to!

This final volume had some great material for capturing - particularly in the pans department! There are 10 Kenshin, plus one crackish little thing I did, 6 Sano, 4 Kaoru, 4 Yahiko, 2 Megumi, 8 Misc (Mostly Sano's almost bishie friend Katsu) and 6 Group images including a happily ever after image I matted together. Enjoy!

Now, to start redoing the old discs! Huzzah! Thanks so much to everyone who visits here! Just 2000 more hits to 10,000! I never imagined that my little site would grow so big. :-D See you next update!

September 2nd, 2002

All the captures from Volume 21 are up now. There are 4 Kenshin, 5 Sanosuke, 1 Misao, 1 Aoshi, 2 Megumi, 3 Misc, and 2 Group. There is only *one* DVD left now. :_( I know it's taken two years for the whole thing to come out, but it seems like time has just flown by! This little anime has changed my life. It will be a bit strange for there to be no new Kenshin disc to look forward to. Ah well, all good things must come to an end. However, this webpage will not! After I get captures from the final disc, I'm planning to go back through the series to replace older, blurry captures and get more from Kyoto now that I have PowerDVD. :-)

August 4th, 2002

Part 2 of the big update is finished! All the captures from Volume 20 are up now. There are 10 Kenshin, 4 Sanosuke, 3 Misao, 1 Yahiko, 5 Misc, and 8 Group. Later today, I'm probably going to split up several sections again to make loading time faster. It's beginning to crawl on my dialup. -_-; There are only 2 DVDs left now. *sniff* I fear I may go into withdrawl. V. Bad.

Also, Amy is still working on her skin. She decided it was too cluttered and wants to make it nicer. It may still go up today. If not, than within the next few days.

August 2nd, 2002

Here is part 1 of the big update that I promised. These aren't captures from the new disc yet, I'm doing those on Sunday. I went through my C:/ drive and cleaned out everything I had stored there with uploading one day in mind. Today sounded like a good day! These are mostly scans I've collected, but there are a few captures that missed uploading in the past somehow as well. There are 4 Kenshin, 1 Misao, 1 Group, and 15 Scans/Promo.

The rest of the update will be done on Sunday provided that nothing decides to distract me between now and then. Along with some truly lovely captures from the new disc there will probably also be a fantastic new Winamp skin of Sano done by Amy. She found out how to change the fonts! Huzzah!

In other news, my fanart of Hilton Head Island Kenshin was one of the winners of Animerica's Swimsuit Contest! Go Me! It is featured in the August issue of the magazine on newstands now!

July 22nd, 2002

This is just a small update, but they'll be a bigger one as soon as I get back from my vacation next week. I got volume 20, Soulless Knights, today and had never seen the cover before! Unlike the cover of volume 18 with excessive cuddling that made me shudder, I liked this one so much I had to scan it and put it up. So, it can be see next to the other "Meiji Tales" images in the Scans/Promo section.

Also, in bigger news, I finally finished introductory work on my very own "Rurouni Kenshin" fanfiction character, Yukiyo Sasaki. I have linked the page I dedicated to her and her stories on the links page. :-)

June 24th, 2002

Well, I finally decided to just have a normal update page since listing the updates under the buttons was becoming confusing! I've added images from Disc 19, Dreams of Youth. Just three more to go! There are 5 Kenshin, 1 Sano, 3 Kaoru, 2 Yahiko, 2 Oniwaban, and 8 Group Images. I added a new section for Miscellaneous characters that are only around for a few episodes. There are also a few slight changes to the layout. I've expanded the main page to include buttons for Group Images and Winamp Skins. I also fixed the quality of the buttons for the Kenshin and Gang pages.

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