All the winamp skins on this page were made by myself, my sister, and my friends. We never realized just how hard it was until we gave it a try! However, we are getting better! The actual skins are much clearer than the images here on the page - I gave them a lower resolution to conserve space. Feel free to pass these around to whomever you like. They were made to be enjoyed!

Me likum ciggie, like it gooodd.

Sneaky and Smoked Out
Skinned by: Amy

Wai! Our very first fully edited Winamp skin. That's right, Wolfie here got to be our guinea pig while we were learning how to edit out the lines and such. He was a real pain in the rear about it too with his sunken cheekbones and spider hair! He needs to eat a cookie or something. The title comes from a Third Eye Blind Song that doesn't fit Saitoh at all except for that one line - but that one line is so perfect we decided to use it anyhow! I don't think it's bad at all for our first attempt at editing and not letting the skinner have it's way. The only problem is that the volume button looks like an earring or something. Saitoh goes punk!


You're Everywhere to Me
Skinned by: Amy

I think Amy did a beautiful job on this skin! Misao is an underskinned character and when she is skinned it's always the same two pictures with the same two titles. We did choose to be a little uncreative and stick with her love for her precious Lord Aoshi for the theme. Course, that's the point of the character. I wish I knew what, exactly, she sees in the guy! She deserves better. If she likes him so much anyhow, you'd think she'd at least get the color of his eyes right! They're not ice-blue, they're sea-after-the-storm-green! *nods* Ahem. Anyhow, here is she, kawaii Misao!

This is another little joke, isn't it...?

Give Me A Little Credit
Skinned by: Amy

Here is another underskinned character - in fact - an unappreciated character altogether! Yahiko Myojin. Not only is he often overlooked by fans, but the characters on the show don't give him the credit he deserves either. Hence, the theme of the skin! We can't really call this an AZ proclaimed Image Song skin, but check it out anyway! The radio stations played the band's other song, that "Story of a Girl" thing, on *repeat*, but hardly played this much better song ("If I Am") at all. An underappreciated song for an underappreciated character! See, there is a method to our madness. Let's hear it for Yahiko!

There goes my pain, there goes my chains...

There Goes the World
Skinned by: Zora

Wai! My first Winamp skin. I'm not as good at this as Amy, but she doesn't like this picture whereas I love it and had the perfect lyrics for it. Since I don't have the time or talent to make anime music videos, I intend to make a whole series of "Kenshin Image Song" skins featuring lyrics from songs that could have been written with him in mind! This is the first of them and features lyrics from a damn fine song called "Quasimodo" by Lifehouse. With all of these KIS skins (what were YOU thinking!? K.enshin I.mage S.ongs, you kinky person!) I'll copy and paste the full lyrics beneath my shameless plug in my readme file.

Leaves sho purty, sky sho purty... Whoops, fellover.

I'll Make it to the Moon
Skinned by: Amy

Sugoi! Amy's first attempt at editing a skin! She did much better than I do, she actually was a perfectionist about everything lining up. It came out very nice, I think. The title of the skin is a bit of a story. Amy was listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Scar Tissue" while I was getting around for work one morning. I heard the line, "I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl." and something went off in my head. I said, "That's SO Sanosuke." and she said, "It SO is. I totally have to make a skin of it!" and I said, "Totally!" Okay, so the conversation didn't go quite like that, but it was close. ;-)

Get off of my back!

Sano and Notaro
Skinned by: Amy and the British Girl, Joanne

Amy here. This is my first attempt at writing a little description thingy so I apoligize ahead of time if it sucks. The British Girl was over at our house one day and I showed her our winamp skins. She decided she wanted to help make one and she picked this piccie. We did it, of course, for the sole purpose of making fun of Sano. I really don't think he'd be thrilled with the baby shower pink border, but, oh well, I think its cute. Poor Sano, he's got slobber all over his shoulder and is surrounded by pink. No song lyrics here as it's just a silly skin, I wanted to put 'Get Off of my Back' from the 'Spirit' soundtrack, but decided that was just too literal.

I may not know karate, but I know *krazy*!

Bring It On!
Skinned by: Amy

Sano kicks, the image kicks, and the design kicks. There really isn't a story to tell for this skin beyond that, and this isn't a Z&A Image Song Skin (TM), so I'll just babble about some other junk. Like the alt. It was said by Owen Wilson's character in the Jackie Chan flick "Shanghai Noon" which Amy and I watched a few weeks ago. We love Jackie and the movie was funny - but this line in particular cracked us up because we could just *imagine* Sanosuke saying it to any of those stupid punks who come at him with big fancy techniques while he kicks their collective butts with good old street fighting. Bring it on, Sano-BABY!

Even heroes have the right to dream...

Looking for a Dream
Skinned by: Amy

Amy again! This is my favorite skin I've made so far. I love the image, I love the color scheme, and the lyrics are perfect. I'm completely aware that when you click on the playlist the word 'Dream' changes to 'Kenshin' which makes the lyric read 'I'm only a man looking for a Kenshin', but, as I said, I love the way this skin turned out and I'm not changing it. Plus, I'm endlessly amused when words change on winamp skins so I make a point to share the amusement. Anyhow, Zora will *kill* any of the yaoimangorers who try anything. In fact, I think I like this skin better than my Sano skins. V. bad. Must fix with shiny image of Sano Zora has up.

You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud.

Face in the Crowd
Skinned by: Amy

It's Amy, from now on if I have skinned the image it is safe to assume I've written this explanation. Zora has showed me how the html works and I'm not allowed to slack off anymore. Well this is the follow up to making a better Sano skin than the previous Kenshin skin. I'm sad to say I think it was a failed attempt, Kenshin just gets way better backgrounds and in winamp skins backgrounds decide color schemes. I mean to get this background even almost Kenshin level I had to add in stars with an art program. Oh well, my next skin will be promo Sano with flames, which will definately be better than the Kenshin skin, I hope...

Make way, I take large steps.

The Great Man
Skinned by: Amy

Yeah, yeah, I know what your thinking "The Great Man?" *I* wanted to call it "Mr.Too-Big" or "Alarmingly Huge," but as I made this skin as a present for my friend Kat, I wanted it to be genuinely sweet (not me and Zora's usual sweet, which is more like Mini-me's sweet towards Scott in Austin Powers...). Since my friend Kat's favorite Kenshin character is Hiko I didn't think it would be very nice to make fun of him on the skin, but its alright to make fun of him on the alt... I mean Hiko certainly is a *great* man but don't know if he is really great. *Hides from Kat and all other Hiko fans* j/k...

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