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All the winamp skins on this page were made by my sister (Amy) and myself (Zora). They are all fully skinned, and uncluttered. We're big fans of skin art that's eye pleasing rather than highly styled and super-functional. Besides, how many of you actually know how to use the equalizer? 1 out of 100? That's what I thought. I know I don't and it always covers nice parts of the picture. The actual skins are much clearer than the images here on the page - I gave them a lower resolution to conserve space. Feel free to pass these around to whomever you like. Like the Kenshin Skins on the linked page, they were made to be enjoyed!

This ain't My Little Pony!

Skinned by: Zora
Movie: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Has the end of the world arrived?! Zora skinned an animated character that isn't from 'Rurouni Kenshin'! No, I'm just returning to my roots, to appropriatly speak, with a skin from one of the most beautiful films I have ever watched. Of a character who is very close to my heart because I know where he is coming from and how he feels. Not only that, but he is a horse. I said that this was a return to my roots. I meant that in two ways. Not only is it Western Animation, but it also goes back to my irrational love of horses I was born with. Spirit here in particular is special because I share the complete love for homeland that he feels and the movie came at a time when I was in danger of losing it for awhile. Hence, the quote from the movie that I used in the readme. I would have included it on the skin itself, but that would have cluttered it and it would have been a disservice to a skin from a movie that is all about beauty without words and open spaces.

Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste...

Come What May
Skinned by: Zora
Movie: Moulin Rouge

This was inevitable. 'Moulin Rouge' is my favorite movie, Ewan McGregor is my favorite actor, and 'Come What May' is my favorite scene from the movie. One of my favorite things about Ewan is how he has these eyes that are just always smiling - they're beautiful. Eyes mean a lot to me because they are the window to the soul, so I find eyes like that particularly attractive. And, of course, this is a wonderful scene that appeals perfectly to the hopeless romantic that I am. I love the idea of a love so deep that it will last forever, no matter what happens. Not to mention the song itself is so very beautiful. Ewan's singing voice is incredible. I remember when he sung the first notes of "Your Song" in the theatre, the entire audience fell silent and I think every woman in the crowd sighed. X-D He and Nicole should not only have been nominated for an Oscar for this performance, they should have won!! They rule.

A rose by any other name...

Full of Hope
Skinned by: Amy
Movie: A Knight's Tale

Z came up with this name, I was just going to call it "Love Ends With Hope," but NOOOOOO, Z said that this was too long and sounds funny. So, there's the title story. The words on the skin were an attempt of a quote from the movie 'A Knight's Tale' but I did not look it up to see if the words were exactly correct. First of all, let me say Heath Ledger is hot as eggs... Don't ask where that expression came from, you don't want to know, I have weirdo friends. He is sooooo cute in 'A Knight's Tale' and the scene with the rose where they're writing poetry.... *swoon* I just had to make a skin from it. The movie is great too. I didn't like the trailers and I almost didn't see it, but I'm soooo glad that Z and one of our friends dragged me to see it. I also love Heath in 'The Patriot.' That movie is really good too. It does the impossible: it's a war-movie-chick-flick.

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The characters on these skins are the property of their respective owners - whoever all they may be! We don't own them in any way, we just wanted to make pretty skins! I'm sure the word "Skintimate" is (R) in some way too, and we really aren't stealing that either. We just wanted a little punny thing for the title. And, besides, we use that product. We think it smells pretty and it makes us skintimate. *nods* This site is link free, but I would love a link back here if you use any of these skins. :-) Thank you!