Nickname: Tomi
First Name Meaning: "Eyes"
Other Names: Miss Himura to unwanted admirers!
Birthday: April 8th, 1881 (Aries, to the extreme)
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Blood Type: AB
Age: 6-25 in the written tales
Height: 5'8
Weight: Do you want to learn about that special Kasshin technique too?!
Sword Style: Kamiya Kasshin Ryu
Other Skills/Hobbies: Drawing, Cooking, Enjoys just about any outdoor activity.

Hitomi is the eldest of Kenshin and Yuki's two children. As such, she became Daddy's little girl, and her mother isn't much better. For both of them, she was a new beginning that allowed them to permanently put away the past. From the time she was very young, she has been active and energentic, enjoying just about anything that can be done out of doors. She was born with a mischieviousness that she never grew out of. As a little girl, one of her favorite hobbies was leading her little brother into trouble. She is optimistic and loves new experiences. However, this also often leads to impulsiveness that has gotten her into tight situations more than once! But, her practicality can usually get her back out of them. She inherited the fiery temper both of her parents have, but not their ability to keep it under tight control. She has a tendency towards bossiness and has a deserved reputation for being sharptongued. People rarely cross her in an argument! But, those she does love she loves with the same fierce protectiveness that fueled her parents all their lives. She is also a generous and open-hearted friend who is more than willing to share her ideas and advice with her best friend, Kiyoshi Sagara. With her genes, the sword is her passion and she mastered Kamiya Kasshin in nearly record time. She wants to learn her parents' styles, but neither will teach her more than a few moves, telling her that she has no need for offensive sword techniques in the Meiji Era. However, Yuki does school her, and her brother, in defensive martial arts and she studies new aspects of the art of kenjutsu at every opportunity. Tomiko Sagara, Sanosuke's wife, was the one who taught her to cook when she was growing up and, of course, her father taught her to make a mean rice ball!

Nickname: Kei
First Name Meaning: "Bright View"
Birthday: Febuary 13th, 1885 (Aquarius)
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
Blood Type: B
Age: 3-21 in the written tales
Height: 5'4
Weight: 135 lbs
Sword Style: Kamiya Kasshin Ryu
Other Skills/Hobbies: Martial Arts, Meditation, Teasing his sister

Keitaro is the gentler of the two siblings who was lucky enough to inherit his father's good nature (not to mention those violet eyes!). Born into one of the most loving of families, he is very people oriented and dislikes being alone for long periods of time. However, he isn't particularly talkative since he thinks that his sister talks enough for both of them most of the time! He's just happy being in the middle of a group and cheerfully enjoying their presence. When he was young, he followed his sister everywhere, including into the above mentioned trouble. However, as he grew, he stopped following her and starting teasing her. He is not normally mischievious, but it comes out when he is around his sister because she "reacts so well." With all other people, he is easygoing, reasonable, very slow to take offense, and quick to forgive others' weaknesses. Unlike his sister, the sword doesn't really interest him and it took him longer than average to even master the Kamiya style. But, from the moment his mother first began to teach him martial arts, he has loved the cool discipline of it and particularly the meditation involved. As a boy, he idolized the Oniwaban group and spent a lot of time with Aoshi whenever the family was in Kyoto. The meditation only fueled his already idealistic nature and he became wonderful at hatching ideas and setting goals for himself. Where his sister is practical, he is extremely intellectual and smart as a whip. It's very hard to stump or shock Keitaro Himura!

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