"The Wolfling"

Completed: August, 2002
Medium: Adobe Photoshop 5.5

Inspiration Strikes:

This is Daisuke Fujita, Hajime Saitoh's youngest son and Hitomi's love. Obviously, that sentence alone should tell you that there is a bit of a story behind this scruffy little wolfling! Originally, I was trying to think of a spouse for Hitomi when Amy, my sister, said to me, "Wouldn't it be crazy if she somehow met and fell in love with one of Saitoh's sons?!" Of course, an idea like that is far too good in fiction to pass up! So, Daisuke was born. However, I did not actually create him. My oft-mentioned friend and co-writer, Kat did, along with the rest of the fictional Saitoh's children. However, I took to him the moment I started reading about him and before I knew it, his voice was coming to me almost as naturally as my own characters! I just love the boy and empathize with his black sheep station in life. So, now he is more of a joint character whom Kat and I are both very fond of. Yuki believes that he is impossible not to love, provided that you aren't a Fujita yourself! ;-)

Artistic Commentary:

While Daisuke's voice and personality came to me effortlessly, his physical image did not. I struggled for weeks to get him drawn, tossing many attempts into the trash bin. I think it's because I was trying too hard to make him resemble Saitoh while also looking like the enthusiastic friendly wolf pup I know that he is! Finally, I forgot about him looking like Saitoh and drew what I saw in my mind's eyes. Of course, that worked out wonderfully. He did end up having traces of his father in him after all! I'm extremely happy with how he turned out, even if that lopsided grin of his was very difficult to capture! His background is the dojo where he first met Hitomi and that presented all kinds of problems as well since I just recently started doing backgrounds due to a professor's suggestion. However, I do not think it turned out so bad at all for a second try! I just wish I could figure out how to make it look like the sun was really shining on him. I thought highlights in the trees, dappled shadows, and a blue sky would do it, but it didn't. *sigh* Ah well, practice makes perfect! I'll get it one day.

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