"Bright Eyes"

Completed: May, 2002
Medium: Adobe Photoshop 5.5

Inspiration Strikes:

This is a head shot image of one of Kenshin and Yuki's two kids, Hitomi. I'm doing a series of three of these for the purpose of getting a solid image of how three characters look. The other two are Keitaro and Daisuke Fujita. As for Hitomi here, she's been in my head almost as long as Yuki has been. Perhaps even before - ever since I learned that Kenshin and Kaoru's child was a boy. For some reason, I just thought that he should have a daughter. I'm not sure why, it just seemed to suit him better and wouldn't fall into the clone syndrome (where all the little boys look just like their daddies and all the little girls look like their mommies. Think Lady and the Tramp. That's what happened to Kenji, ne? >:P) So, I began imaging Hitomi. Naturally, once I began to develop Yuki, I just made Hitomi their first child. Tomi (as her father calls her) was a mushroom character and was kind enough to appear in my mind fully formed. Her name is my favorite of all the Japanese girl names I've heard, but for some reason it didn't work for my main character in my mind, so it went to her daughter. The title of the pic is a variation on the title I gave Kei's portrait, just with the translation for the word hitomi (eye) instead of view.

Artistic Commentary:

Hitomi was not as easy to draw as her brother! She went through four or five variations in hair style and clothes before I came to what I have here. As it is, she still looks more like Asuka from Evangelion than I would have liked, but I suppose that would be the fate of any red head with blue eyes. Just noting here that I didn't intend the resemblence! The hairstyle I settled on is the one I wear my own hair in whenever I leave the house. I always knew that she would be the lucky sibling to inherit the red hair, so that was no problem. What was a problem was which color red to use. As any artist watching Ruroken has noted, Kenshin's hair varies from deep blood red to a carrotty color depending on the episode/scene. I like the one I finally settled on though. Unlike her father, her hair will always be that color. ;-) Her kimono went through many test colors too - but I think I've noted before that I always have trouble choosing colors. The final one suits her though. As for the background, it's the same concept as Kei's, only in lighter colors.

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