"Bright View"

Completed: May, 2002
Medium: Adobe Photoshop 5.5

Inspiration Strikes:

This is a head shot image of one of Kenshin and Yuki's two kids, Keitaro. I'm doing a series of three of these for the purpose of getting a solid image of how three characters look. The other two are Hitomi and Daisuke Fujita. As for Kei here, he's rather the underdog in the area of character development since he was originally created as a plot point and was not always in my head like Hitomi was. This is something I very much plan on amending, starting with this picture! I know that Kei is a bright kid who was lucky enough to inherit his father's cheerful, gentle disposition without the underlying temper both parents have. I tried to show that in this pic. I also can't stand it when kids in fiction look like clones of one parent or the other, so I worked hard on making him look like both of them. As for his name, I simply chose it because I liked the sound of it. Although, the translation rather suits his optimistic outlook and became the title of the picture.

Artistic Commentary:

I love how Kei turned out artistically! He was much easier to envision than his sister, Hitomi, and I'm happier with the final results. I particularly like his hair and expression. And of course those beautiful eyes. ;-D So, there really isn't a lot to comment on art wise since he appeared on my paper in his final form almost on the first attempt! His background is just an artsy, papery looking deal so that it would be something other than a gradient, but not distracting. Originally, he had rice paper looking greenish background with his own shadow on it. I ran that through a few filters to get the final results.

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