"The Sunlit Garden"

Completed: April, 2002
Medium: Adobe Photoshop 5.5

Inspiration Strikes:

This is a picture of Kat's Rurouni Kenshin character, Hikaru Hiko. I drew this because I wanted to see what this character looked like. Sherrie drew pictures of Moriko, so I had a solid image in my head of her, but not of Hikaru. One afternoon inspiration just hit me and I drew this about an hour's time. What I had seen just felt right. I nervously sent the sketch to Kat, who announced that she was perfect. Whew! Relief! The title comes from the famous piano theme from Revolutionary Girl Utena of the same name. I chose it not only because Hikaru is very fond of gardening, but also because I'm too punny for my own good. Hikaru means brightly shining (Sunlit), so it just seemed completely right for the image.

Artistic Commentary:

Ai-ya, drawing this was easy, coloring it was not! To get the dragon design, which I was most insistent about having despite the difficultly of it, I copied and pasted and outline of a Chinese dragon over her clothing. All was well. Then I colored her face and hair. By some miracle of the god of the arts I was able to achieve the porcelin look to her skin someone of her position would have. All was well. Then came the colors for the kimono. Instant Artistic Block. I do not know how many combinations I tried, but it was a lot. I even slid the ruler on the hue bar the length of it looking in vain for what I wanted. Finally, I found something that seemed right by choosing a color that was close on the hue bar and then playing with the opacity. Success! Or so I thought. Having one layer have less opacity than the others turned out to be a big mistake when I went to mat in the Japanese Garden background. -_-; However, with much swearing, I was able to get it to all work out to everyone's satisfaction - even mine.

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