"Yuki Model A"

Completed: Febuary, 2002
Medium: Pen and Ink

Inspiration Strikes:

Well, there's not a lot to write about inspiration here since this is a mechanical character design sheet, not an illustration. I drew it so that I would have a reference for her clothing and hair from the front and back without having to just remember it in my head. It was also the first time I drew the character. Hence, the reason she doesn't look quite the same as the final version in the face. Still, I thought it might be of some interest to the curious, so here it be.

Artistic Commentary:

How did I manage to go through 6 years of art classes and have NO ONE bother to teach me about the head rule? Argh. Worthless high school art teachers. Anyhow, this took some work as I was informed after the first version was done that she needed to be between five and six heads high to look in porportion. However, once that was fixed, most of the rest fairly flowed out of my pencil. With the exception of her feet. Drawing someone from the back with their feet positioned like that is about the hardest thing in the world. Whoever decided it was a good idea to have it be a standard in model sheets is evil. Still, I managed it and it was once again worth it since I use the sheet all the time when drawing her.

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