"Before Snow"

Completed: March, 2002
Medium: Adobe Photoshop 5.5

Inspiration Strikes:

This is my first color picture of Yuki - the result of months of planning, sketching, and redrawing! I have to say, I'm very happy with how she came out. Almost exactly as I first pictured her to be. Except, she did insist on having light blue eyes instead of of green. She was right, they work much better for steely gazes. This picture is meant to be similar to all those past/present promo art images of Rurouni Kenshin characters that are around. Ex: Wanderer Kenshin superimposed over Battousai Kenshin. This one shows Yuki at 27 as she would appear in the series superimposed over how she looked at 15 in her persona of Taro Nakata. Her outfit was inspired by the clothing of Sakura Shinguji in Sakura Wars. Something that isn't a kimono (Yuki says they aren't practical), allows complete freedom of movement, and is traditional while still being feminine. She has very fair skin due to the fact that there had to be something that made her desirable as a Geisha in training. The kanji in the corner says just Yuki and the title is the translation of her full name. Not particularly original, but more interesting than just calling it Yuki Portrait. Final thought: I want a shitajiki of this!

Artistic Commentary:

I drew this as two seperate images and matted them together after coloring. There really isn't a lot to say here since neither image gave me the least bit of difficulty. I suppose after you've seen a character in your head for so long, it isn't so very hard to draw them when they finally decide that they want to be seen by others! The only real problem I had was color scheme. That took quite a bit of work. I think I colored her obi maybe fifteen times before settling on what I have. It was worth it!

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