Full Name: Yukiyo Sasaki Himura
Nickname: Yuki
First Name Meaning: "Before Snow"
Other Names: Lady Himura in society, and Taro Nakata during the Revolution.
Birthday: January 18th, 1851 (Capricorn)
Chinese Zodiac: Metal Boar Yang
Blood Type: A
Age: 27 during the TV Series
Height: 5'4
Weight: Not the wisest question to ask any woman, and especially not one who is a master of the sword!
Sword Style: Kasai Shinkage Ryu
Other Skills: Martial Arts, Shamisen, and Singing

Yukiyo Sasaki is a character I have had roaming around in my mind ever since I started watching the Rurouni Kenshin television series several years ago. She is what an author I highly admire would refer to as an onion character. I knew basically who she was from the start, but as I write about her, more of her layers reveal themselves to me. A true Cap, she is! However, Yuki likely would have stayed forever cooped up inside of my mind had not my two best friends, Kat and Sherrie, demanded to meet her. So, I wrote up a rather lengthy summary just for them, never intending to write any more about her. But, I had caught the writing bug and did write more. I was originally going to just post the long history here, but once I did write other stories, I realized that it would make them far less interesting. So, what I have here is a brief history that Yuki insisted on writing herself that tells the facts ahout her past that must be known the make the tales enjoyable. It spans from 1851 - 1886, but her story actually goes far beyond that. Read this, then read on and enjoy!

A Life Less Ordinary

As the history states, Kenshin and Yuki have two children, Hitomi and Keitaro. Since they've both turned into very individual characters of their own, I've created a small, seperate page with their profiles and such.

Hitomi and Keitaro Himura

Revolution Cry ~ 1867 - 1871

Out of the Shadows
The tale of how Kenshin and Yuki's partnership began amidst the last battles of the Meiji Revolution.

The Wandering Performers - Coming Soon!
A wandering life style may bring plently of adventure, but it's not profitable. Yuki puts her mind to it and comes up with a way for the two of them to make enough money to live on.

Lost Embrace
Yuki is injured during one their many battles with revenge seekers. The wound sparks memories of the past for Kenshin and he begins to fear that he will cause the death of another woman he loves.

The Crown of Scars ~ 1878 - 1887

Love Restored - Coming Soon!
Seven years after Kenshin disappeared from Yuki's life to save her, she is reunited with him in the new capital city of Tokyo.

Reunion - Coming Soon!
In the days before the battle with Shishio, Kenshin is reunited with a very important person from his childhood, an upper class lady named Hikaru, who thought that she had lost him forever. However, Hikaru awakens Yuki's fears of her own past being revealed. This story spans most of the Kyoto arc, but as it was seen from very different eyes. Written by Kat with creative suggestions from myself.

Mirror of the Past
Yuki learns of Kenshin, Sanosuke, and Saitoh's mission to stop Shishio from destroying Tokyo with his Purgatory.

One rainy afternoon in Tokyo, Yuki and the great master Hiko find themselves led into a conversation with each other where they learn that they have suffered in similar ways in the past. Written by Kat.

Yuki's past returns to haunt her in the form of her vengeful father. To save her family from being ripped apart, she is forced into making the terrible choice of betrayal. This story was co-written by my friend, Sherrie.

Chapter 1 - A Beautiful Day
Chapter 2 - Past Imperfect
Chapter 3 - Call of the Wolf
Chapter 4 - The End Justifies the Means
Chapter 5 - The Reckoning
Chapter 6 - A Matter of Conscience
Chapter 7 - Truth be Told
Chapter 8 - Mea Culpa

Youth of the Nation ~ 1897 - 1912

Daisuke and Hitomi
On a reluctant trip to his dojo, Daisuke Fujita is attracted by a new assistant master with fiery red hair and a personality to match it - Hitomi Himura. This tale was co-authored with Kat, Daisuke's creator.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Missing Pieces
This is a feel good little short story that popped into my head fully formed in which Yuki tells Daisuke the truth about the past and fills in his missing piece of the puzzle by revealing Kenshin's old identity.

The Master's Niece
Keitaro meets a young girl named Mikiko Yoshida who has been searching the country of Japan for a great-uncle that she never met. This story was written completly by Kat, Mikiko's creator.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Happily Ever After
The tale of Yukiyo and her family finally comes to a close with this wonderful story written by Kat. Mikiko has been a part of the family for three years now and Yuki thinks it's far past time for it to become an official thing.

Part One
Part Two

A little class sketchie I did instead of taking notes. *g* This is only a very rough splice!

Here are a few reference items that I created to aid myself and readers in keeping the rather complex storyline clear in our heads.

Cast of Characters

Family Tree

I have to say a special thanks to my two best friends, Kat and Sherrie, without whom Yuki and her adventures would have never existed outside of my own head. Everyday they continue to inspire me to develop these characters. Please check out their pages to their own characters linked below!



Unfortunately, Kenshin does not belong to me, as much as I like to pretend that he does. The Kenshingumi are 1996-2002 Nobuhiro Watsuki, Jump Manga, and Studio Gallop. However, Yukiyo Sasaki, and Hitomi and Keitaro Himura are my characters 2002. Please do not use their stories or images without my permission! The same goes for Hikaru, Moriko, and all original characters related to them. They are the property of their creators.

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